It's tragic how romantic it all is


Do you think in all his millennia of pursuing ‘stories’ that Metatron hasn’t read at least one gay romance fiction?

And Castiel will now get it when people tell him —

"Blow me, Cas."
“Don’t forget who’s the bottom in this relationship.”
“Cas, get out of my ass!”

Dean makes Cas watch Star Wars.

Short, somewhat tag-ish for 09e18 Meta Fiction. What was supposed to be fluff became angst instead….

When Castiel finally got around to telling Dean and Sam how Metatron had “uploaded” all his memories of every book, movie and television show he’d seen over the millennia, Dean reacted, predictably, with more than mild disgust.

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The terrible sound of Gadreel’s words still echo in Dean ‘s mind.
“You really think Sam would do anything for you? I’ve been in your brother’s body, Dean. He would not trade his life for yours.”

And yet here Dean stands, in front of one who would.



Friendly neighborhood reminder that this is what Dean’s face looks like when he finds out Cas is in trouble.

he looks like a kicked puppy omg 

And a not so friendly reminder…. Season 7 is what Dean looks like when Castiel is dead,

An alcoholic on a suicidal death spiral ;___;


9x01 // 9x06 // 9x09 // 9x18

Long distance boyfriends~

That scene with Cas on speakerphone, asking “How are you , Dean?”

And with Sammy right there, and Dean becoming all awkward when he realizes his brother can hear whatever they say?

Sam’s expression, Dean’s reaction, they were just the epitome of every fanfic with a scene where Sam goes “holy crap, my stupid brother’s in love with his angel.”

Those smiles right there.
Dean smiling over Castiel just being himself.
Castiel smiling just hearing the amusement in Dean’s voice.

You don’t have to ship them.
Doesn’t matter if it’s platonic or romantic.
To me they just look the most beautiful when they’re smiling, and if they just happen to be the source of each other’s smiles, well then, that just makes it perfect.

Can just imagine Dean making his pop culture references

And Castiel smiling and going “I understand that reference”.

Then Dean smiles because now they have even more in common, and not just the tragic stuff, but just something simple, normal.

I just like seeing Dean smiling. And that happens a lot more when Castiel is around.



So, there was ZERO interaction between Castiel and the Winchesters, but at least he looked really pretty and was in a lot of scenes in this episode. :D